Wolverine Player Spotlight – Sara Gergen

Player Spotlight

What’s your academic major and how are you able to manage both soccer and your school work?

My major is Psychology. The professors at Wesley are really helpful and they understand the demands of being a student-athlete. It takes a lot of hard work but If you manage your time well you will have great success on and off the field.

Who is your favorite soccer player in the world?

Since I was a kid, my favorite soccer player has been Brandi Chastain

Why did you choose to attend Wesley College?

I wanted to get a great college education and play soccer at a high competitive  level.

What’s in your IPOD right now?

My ipod contains everything from Lil Wayne to Bruce Springsteen to Backstreet Boys.

When and Why did you start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer in Kindergarten. My dad signed me up for the club team by my house and the rest is history.

What club team did you play for prior to attending Wesley?

Stony Brook Hornets on Long Island coached by Mark Cohen and Lou Flaxman.

What are your thoughts about England/Scotland Tour 2010?

I cant wait for the soccer tour to England/Scotland…It will be a chance of a lifetime.

What do you think about the New state of the art Wesley Soccer Team Room?

I’m so proud of the Team Room and love having bragging rights on campus…It’s like our home away from home…A place to hang out with my teammates.

What do you love about Wesley Soccer?

I love the friendships that I’ve made with my teammates and the coaching staff…This is my soccer family…

What inspirational quote means the most to you?

“Go Big or Go Home”….Be prepared to have success everyday…


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